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Self-Paced Training Options

  • Solaris Web-based Training
  • Self-Paced Sun Hardware Training
  • Self-Paced Solaris Training

    Solaris Web-based Training

    SoftTech provides instructor-led, Web-based training. It is the next best thing to traveling to our training center. You will receive the same live interaction, without the travel, and at a substantial savings over an onsite course.

    With this self-study program, you will receive the same training materials that we use in our classroom course and we meet on-line in our virtual classroom twice per week at a time that's convenient for you.

    At our Virtual Training Center you will meet on-line with your instructor and a maximum of four other students. You will get the same course we teach in the classroom - with a live instructor, an active PowerPoint presentation, live demonstrations, and plenty of opportunity to "raise your hand" and ask questions.

    You will be able to interact with other students, while listening to their comments, questions, and instructor's answers. You will also be able to contact your instructor at anytime throughout the duration of the course.

    This course provides 30 days of access to our E-Labs at no additional charge. Your labs can be completed online by logging into our network of Sun Ultras over the Internet. You will be given your own system to work on with full administrator privileges to practice what you've learned.


    Self-Paced Sun Hardware Training

    SoftTech's On-Line! Detective for Sun contains ALL content found in SoftTech's classroom training for every system. Yes, documentation exists for all NEW systems, as well as the OLDER SPARC genre machines (LX, IPX, Sparc 2, etc.), and everything in between.

    The Detective provides you with a an overview of every Sun workstation and server, as well as all underlying technologies. These include: OpenBoot, SCSI, Fibre, Fire Wire and more!

    The Detective is a portable repository of information covering all Sun systems and versions of Solaris. This information will not only help you master the essentials of Sun hardware repair, but will also travel with you on Service calls. 97% of current Detective Field Technician's would recommend the Detective to others! The Detective includes:

  • FRU Removal and Replacement Procedures
  • Configuration Rules and Guidelines
  • Part Number Lookup and Cross-reference
  • Color photographs & exploded views
  • System Overviews
  • Solaris 2.6, 7, 8 & 9 (10 due soon)
  • Solaris 9 Certification (Fundamentals, SA 1 & SA 2 exam preparation)
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Methods
  • Troubleshooting Flow Charts for systems and components
  • Administration Modules for:
    • E10K
    • Sun Fire 3800, 48x0, 8600, 12K, 15K
    • Lights-out-management (LOM)
  • Much More!
  • Click here to learn more about this portable knowledge base that ensures 100% Recall!


    Self-Paced Solaris Training

    SoftTech offers self-study programs for all levels of Solaris Administrators. SoftTech sends you the same training materials we use in our classroom course and you study at your own pace. The materials are packed with examples and labs. With this self-study program, you will have email/chat access to Sun Certified Solaris instructors.

    Ask us questions anytime - an instructor will answer them right away.