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  Storage Area Network Workshop Course

Course Dates

General Information

Course Goal
Our Hands-On Storage Area Network (SAN) Workshop will prepare students to configure, manage and troubleshoot Fibre Channel/SAN environments. Students will gain an understanding of the Fibre Channel data communications protocol, SAN hardware and software and its implementation in the SAN (Point-to-Point, Arbitrated Loop, and Switched/Fabric topologies). In an expansive, laboratory-based workshop, students will learn to configure SAN hardware (Host Bus Adapters, Switches, Bridges, Hubs), cable the SAN (copper and fiber optic), configure Fabric Zoning, and troubleshoot/analyze Fibre Channel and Fabric protocols using Fibre Channel Protocol Analyzers. This course is intended for sales support and field service/support personnel.

Course Prerequisites
A technical background with experience in the UNIX or NT computing systems and some familiarity with data communications, SCSI, or TCP/IP networking. No SAN or Fibre Channel experience is required.

Course Scope
The course is conducted in a multi-vendor SAN environment including the following products: Windows NT 4.0/2000 and Solaris server platforms
Host Bus Adapters from key OEMs (Qlogic, Emulex, JNI, Sun)
Fibre Channel Switches/Hubs/Bridges from key OEMs (Brocade, Crossroads, Gadzoox, and Vixel)
Disk RAID Arrays and Tape Library Storage from key OEMs (CLARiiON, ADIC, and Sun)
Finisar, Ancot, and I-Tech Satellite Protocol Analyzers

Course Content
Upon completion, students should be able to:
Identify Fibre Channel/SAN hardware and features
Use a Fibre Channel Protocol to monitor and analyze Fibre Channel data flow, Arbitrated Loop Initialization and Arbitration, and Fabric Login
Cable the SAN
Implement multi-vendor SAN environments using servers, bridges, switches/hubs and storage devices
Configure Fabric Zoning to segment the SAN
Verify SAN storage device availability through Windows NT/2000 and Solaris Operating Systems
Research new SAN and Fibre Channel products and developments on the Internet

Course Length
SAN Workshop is 5 days in length.