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SoftTech develops and teaches courses specifically for the Unix environment. Courses are typically for system administrators and hardware technicians supporting HP, SAN and SUN environments. Classroom courses cover the range of skills from basic computer operations through advanced troubleshooting and repair.

SoftTech specializes in developing custom programs for delivery at client sites. Our highly qualified instructors and partners - respected teachers and professionals with impressive educational credentials, consulting experience and technical skill sets - are quick to understand your goals and requirements to create and deliver the most effective educational programs.

Our open-enrollment scheduled courses offer comprehensive real-world training in today's most sought-after technologies. We constantly monitor and enhance our courseware and instruction methodology to be sure that all classes are dynamic and that the technical content reflects the most current material. Professional instructors ensure optimum knowledge transfer by utilizing a combination of interactive classroom lecture and extensive 'hands-on' lab time at the console.

Most courses utilize the On-Line! Detective for Sun knowledge base, ensuring superior retention over traditional methods of training, and it provides a greater transference of knowledge. The Detective helps provide 100% recall when the class is over, as the professional will now utilize the Detective in the everyday workplace. Courses can be conducted remotely over the Web or at a facility of the Customer's choosing. Current schedules for classroom training courses are available in the US and Europe for the following courses:

  • Storage Area Network Workshop
  • Solaris Administration Workshop I
  • Solaris Administration Workshop II
  • HP9000 System Administration
  • Sun Ultra Enterprise Hardware Maintenance
  • Sun Desktop Maintenance Sun Fire Server Maintenance
  • Sun Storage Maintenance
  • Sun Tape Library Maintenance
  • Sun Enterprise 10000 (E10K)
  • UNIX User / Administrator Fundamentals
  • HP9000 Desktop and Server Maintenance
  • HP V-Class Server Maintenance