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  Detective Troubleshooting

Search Feature Inoperable on Windows
Hasp Not Found - Windows XP
Search Feature Inoperable on Solaris

PostScript Font & Default Printer (Windows)

Registry Errors when Starting the Detective
Errors During Installation
Frame Viewer Release 5.5 Information
Unresolved Cross References



Search Feature Inoperable (Windows OS)

This condition might occur if On-Line! Detective ® for Sun was installed over an older version. If this is the case, uninstall the old version, then re-install the On-Line! Detective ® for Sun.

To uninstall the old version follow these steps:

  1. Select Start/Settings/Control Panel. The Control Panel window is displayed.
  2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Select On-Line! Detective and click Add/Remove.

An alternative method to activate the Search feature, if inoperable:

  1. Click Search from the main page of On-Line! Detective ® for Sun. The Choose a Collection Definition File dialog is displayed.
  2. Navigate to \Viewer\fminit\default.dbs and choose Select. The Search dialog is displayed.
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Search Feature Inoperable (Solaris OS)


This condition is experienced when the On-Line! Detective ® for Sun is installed to a directory other than /opt. A symbolic link must be created.

  1. At the UNIX prompt, type ln -s /<installdir>/softtech /opt/softtech

  2. To test the new path, select Search from the On-Line! Detective ® for Sun Main Menu.

Note: When searching for part numbers, use a space in place of a dash (-).

  • 501 1004 CORRECT
  • 501-1004 INCORRECT
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Postscript Font & Default Printer (Windows)


Because the On-Line! Detective for Sun was designed to run on both UNIX and Windows platforms, the Detective requires PostScript fonts to work properly.

If errors "Missing Fonts" or "Uses Unavailable Fonts" occur when opening the Detective, it is necessary to install a PostScript printer driver and make it the default printer while using the On-line! Detective:

A) If there is not a PostScript printer already installed:

  1. Find and Insert CD.
  2. Go to Start >Settings>Printer>Add a Printer menu item
  3. Follow prompts to install a PostScript printer (Note: Apple Laserwriter Plus is PostScript)
  4. See instructions for "If there is a PostScript printer installed:" after installing printer

B) If there is a PostScript printer installed:

Make sure it is your default printer:

  1. In Start>Settings>Printers directory, select the PostScript printer for default.
  2. Click menu item File>Set as Default OR Whenever using the On-Line! Detective®, go to Start Menu>Printers. Select PostScript printer as default for the Detective session

"Unable to Initialize fmviewer.ini error"

If the error stating "Unable to Initialize Fmviewer.ini" occurs when starting the On-Line! Detective®, there is a good possibility that a previous version of FrameViewer was not properly removed and that the system is pointing to a previously deleted version of FrameViewer. To resolve this problem:

Start Windows Explorer and locate Windows directory

  1. Locate win.ini file and double click on it to open file to edit
  2. Make backup copy of file before proceeding
  3. Use find function and locate the fmviewer.ini line in win.ini file
  4. Delete entire reference to [FrameViewer]. See following example of win.ini file
  5. Save win.ini file and restart On-Line! Detective®

Partial Example of Windows 95 win.ini file.

In this example, delete the lines followed by the four asterisks (****).

  • [WinZip]
  • win32_version=6.3
  • [FrameViewer4] ****
  • FMHome=C:\SUNDETEC\DEMO ****
  • IniFile=VIEWER.INI ****
  • [FrameViewer] ****
  • IniFile=fmviewer.INI ****
  • [WS_FTP95]
  • VERSION=96.05.13
  • [WS_FTP
  • DIR=C:\Program Files\WS_FTP
  • DEFDIR=C:\Program Files\WS_FTP
  • [FrameViewer5] ****
  • FMHome=C:\VIEWER5 ****
  • IniFile=FMVIEWER.INI ****
  • [PostScript,\\Print server\data product]
  • ATM=placeholder
  • (etc ...)

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Registry Error occurs when starting the Detective.


When the On-Line! Detective is launched on some Windows systems, the following window may appear:

after which the Detective seems to start normally. If the user minimizes the Detective and clicks "Yes" to the question above, then the following window (or a variant showing some different path) appears:

The solution to this benign but annoying problem is to prevent FrameViewer from registering itself with Windows. To do this, use My Computer or Windows Explorer to navigate to the Detective's top-level directory. (The default installation directory is C:\SoftTech.) Click on the Viewer subdirectory so that the Explorer window looks something like this:

In the right-hand pane, move the mouse pointer over the file fvreg.txt and click the right mouse button. Select "Rename" from the window that pops up, then use the keyboard to name the file something like fvreg.tx0, as below:

Press Enter to complete the renaming. From now on the Detective should start up without any messages from the registry.

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Errors During Installation

  1. Make sure you use the correct password on the fax-back registration card.
  2. Select only one check box when prompted by the install shield (Professional Detective V15 or later no longer lists the individual Workstation or Server install options.)


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FrameViewer Release 5.5 Information


This section contains information concerning problems that may occur when installing or running FrameViewer release 5.5.

Installing FrameViewer

If Installer adds Win32s components to the system, it will restart Windows. It is important to exit Windows manually and reenter Windows after installation. This ensures that memory is freed and available to Windows applications. The following error messages may appear during installation:

"The path is not valid." - During installation, this error message appears when attempting to install the Detective in a file instead of in a directory. Try installing again, and specify a directory instead of a file in the Destination Path dialog box.

"DSHELL caused a GPF in module mstest.exe." - If this error message occurs during installation, try resetting the video driver to VGA and reinstall the On-Line! Detective. SoftTech Solutions recommends contacting your video card manufacturer about the availability of an updated driver.

.ini and .inf files - The fvnetset.ini file contains configuration information and can be modified. The fvnetlay.inf file contains fileset information for the installer and should not be modified.

For All Administrators

Be sure users have write permission for the directory in which FrameViewer was installed. If directory permissions are changed to read-only after installation, this product will work, but user preferences and session information will not be updated in .ini file.

Running Viewer

Insufficient memory error - If the Windows TEMP directory has less than 35K of space available, FrameViewer may unexpectedly quit. Before starting, remove any unneeded temporary or swap files from the Windows TEMP directory and make sure that there is adequate space available in this directory.

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Unresolved Cross References


If you encounter the error message "Unresolved Cross References" it is necessary to set a postscript printer as default. See "Postscript Font & Default Printer"

Contact SoftTech for further questions.

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Hasp Not Found - Windows XP

If you are running the On-Line! Detective Version 16 or Version 15(15.1, 15.2, and 15.3) with a  HASP (dongle) the On-Line Detective will NOT run on Windows XP as distributed. Version 16.1 has incorporated the fix.  Please contact us with your e-mail and/or phone number so that we may contact you.  We will then be able to send you two files ( the HASP drivers, and a new encrypted FrameViewer ). After these two files have been installed the issue should be resolved.

The symptoms are: The Detective installs fine, but is unable to find the HASP or you may get an unknown file type error message. 


Contact SoftTech for further questions.
or call at 1.248.475.4758

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