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  The On-Line! Detective® for Sun™ is used by thousands of System Administrators, Field Technicians, and help Desk Personnel to quickly resolve problems in Sun Microsystems computing environments. The On-Line! Detective® is an extensive knowledge base with detailed information on all hardware, OS, technology, and connectivity issues relevant to the Sun environment. The extensive use of hypertext, photographs, flowcharts, and sequential instruction makes the well-organized Detective very user friendly. Another great advantage of the On-Line! Detective® is its’ ability to travel anywhere with you on a laptop.

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For more than 10 years Technicians have relied on the Detective. This portable tool has detailed information enabling you to troubleshoot, diagnose, repair and configure any Sun workstation or server in minutes.
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The Detective is used by hundreds of SysAdmins concerned with reducing costs while increasing uptime and availability.
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The Detective is essential for those concerned with Sun and third-party part-numbers; cross-references; configuration rules and guidelines; and system compatibility issues.
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