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Spotlight On Solaris: Solaris 10 Release 10/08
by Bill Calkins

As many of you know, a new version of Solaris 10 was released last November, 2008. It's called the Solaris 10 10/08 release. For those of you experienced in Solaris 10, some things have changed and some things have been added.

Solaris 10 was initially released back in January of 2005 (give or take a few weeks depending on where you were on the list). Since then, it's gone through the following releases:

   • Solaris 10 3/05 (My first Solaris 10 book is based on this version)
   • Solaris 10 1/06
   • Solaris 10 6/06
   • Solaris 10 11/06
   • Solaris 10 8/07 (The current Sun certification exam is based on this version)
   • Solaris 10 5/08 (My most recent System Administration book (part 1) was published for this version)
   • Solaris 10 10/08 (My upcoming System Administration book (part 2) is based on this version)

Solaris 10 has come a long way since it was initially released four years ago and it's probably a good time to take an updated class to get you back on par with Solaris 10. Early releases did not have ZFS. Solaris Zones were new and have also come a long way. Most recently however, we see the folowing features added or updated:

   • Zones have had improvements with nearly every release
   • WANboot has been updated substantially
   • DTrace was not in the initial release and now has over 80,000 probes
   • The SPARC boot architecture has been redesigned to be more in common with the x86 boot architecture
   • ZFS was added and recently has had some nice enhancements
      • ZFS root pools are new - (ZFS can be used on the boot disk to mirror the root filesystem during the OS installation)
      • Some nice enhancements to Solaris Live Upgrade including migrating your root file system to ZFS
   • Solaris Live Upgrade has been significantly enhanced

You get the point...some serious new enhancements. For those of you who have used my book, Solaris 10 System Administration Exam Prep, I had to rewrite it. There is so much new material that I split the book into two 750 page books, Part 1 and Part 2. I added information on the x86 platform all through the book. I added much more detail on WANboot and Live Upgrade (if you don't use Live upgrade- you really need to take a good look at it). I also added a full chapter on ZFS file systems. All of the new material is going into the Sun Detective product.

I've teamed up with SoftTech Solutions and I'm going to be holding a series of On-line and Live! Soloars 10 update courses. These courses are designed to be to-the-point and include access to our SPARC servers so you can complete the lab work and exercises. We'll be delivering these classes over the internet via our virtual classroom. Our virtual classroom gives you everything you get in the traditional classroom except you get the added advantage of:

   • Small class sizes - we could hold a course with a minimum of four students
   • Flexible classroom schedule. We can schedule the course to fit your schedule- morning or evening of both. If for some reason       you need to change a meeting day or time we can be very flexible.
   • No travel costs, yet you get the same experience as sitting in the classroom
   • A live instructor and not just any instructor. You'll receive training from a world class expert and renowned author - Bill       Calkins. 25 years of experience. Don't take it from me, click here to read what other students have said about my training.
   • Ask questions and get answers from the instructor in real-time
   • Hear questions from the other students
   • Access our live servers from your desktop
   • Complete customization of your course to optimize your training experience
   • If you miss a session, come back and view the recorded session.

The Solaris 10 course outlines are listed here. You may request a custom schedule or a set of custom topics for your own private training session. We can design a course for your specific group's needs. Call for a live demonstration of our Virtual Classroom, we would be happy to take you on a tour.

SoftTech Solutions
( 248) 627-8100