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  Hardware Training Course

Registration is now open for May's hardware training program in Troy, Michigan.

Course Fee
$2700 per person
For additional information or to register for the course contact:

Classroom Dates:
May 14 - 16 (Mon - Wed)
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM each day

Systems Covered:
3x00, 4x00, 5x00, 6x00 family of machines
220R, 420R, 280R
E450, E250
Sun Fire V480

Course Specifics:
• Use of Personal Trainer to prepare for course
• Advanced usage of the Detective
• Component Identification
• Configuration Rules & Guidelines
• System & Component Troubleshooting
• FRU (Component) Removal & Replacement Procedures
• System Administration (differs for each system)
        • Remote System Control
        •Lights-Out-Management (LOM, ILOM, ALOM)
        •Capacity on Demand
        •Dynamic Reconfiguration
        •Sun Fire Administration
        •System Service Processor