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"Management has been so impressed with the quality of information and speed that we have been able to provide answers to their questions, that they are contemplating dropping hardware support on all of our Sun hardware. We feel confident that with On-Line! Detective in our corner the users will not notice a decline in service. Talk about return on investment!!"

Kevin Boyd - BP Exploration Alaska

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"Super Product! The On-Line! Detective for Sun saved me troubleshooting time over and over. It also helps me with training new staff."

Jim Scheller - Hewlett Packard

"SoftTech Solution’s On-Line! Detective is an invaluable source of information on Sun products. The research time saved by having so much information in one place and no more then a few clicks away makes the Detective my force multiplier."

Phillip Lloyd - NCR
Service Product Manager-Sun Hardware
Information Technology Information Services

"The On-Line! Detective provides us the inside view without opening the cover of our Sun equipment. We use it to sanitize part numbers and the purpose of those sometimes obscure pieces found in the variety of Sun workstations and servers we support. I can't count how many visits to the client's desk (or the server room) it's prevented. The bonus tips section has helped in a quite few situations. SoftTechs' expediency in providing us with the latest hardware details as new hardware is released is a testimony to their dedication to the product. The On-Line! Detective is our "Sun Hardware Reference Manual"; System Administrators in a Sun shop without it are just plain missing out on a lot of valuable, time saving information!"

Rick Lantaigne - Nortel Networks
DES-CRK Projects Coordinator

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"Since going to self maintenance, we have conservatively saved 60% maintenance costs on our Sun hardware by utilizing Soft Tech Solutions "On-Line! Detective" and their vast resource's for replacement parts. They are a friendly and responsive organization!"

Dennis Isken - MSX International Inc.
Sr. Manager

"I recently used the Detective to troubleshoot an Ultra 2 in under 5 minutes. Without the Detective I am sure it would have taken most of an hour... The Detective is a must!" - Tyler Hile, Senior Technician

"It is the only technically rich resource that is in existence today.... At Paladian we offer warranties on our products and free technical support for life to our end users...the hidden secret is that I use the On-Line! Detective to provide this technical support that our customers have come to depend upon us for." - Kevin Dawley, Senior Consultant

"When I first started working at Paladian Technologies, I couldn't troubleshoot a PC. Now I build and test the most sophisticated Sun systems every day." - Greg Walters, Junior Technical Sales Representative

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"As a Sales Rep new to the business, I have found the Detective to be an invaluable tool in my own personal learning curve. I use the Detective every day, and I know that it has both increased my knowledge and sales."

Bill Caulfield - North American Systems International
Account Executive

"I took my first Sun call the other day and had to replace a system board on an Enterprise 250. Having never seen the inside of one of these machines I relied on your software to get me through it. Your software took me step-by-step through the removal and replacement of the system board and had me in and out of the customers site in 40 minutes."

Mike Macdonald - Elite
Support Manager

"Our Sales Team used to tie up our tech team with configuration, cross-reference, and system compatibility questions. Now that they have started using the Detective those questions have virtually gone away. Thanks for the effort your team put into the detective!"

Ron Leix - NovaStar Solutions

"We are particularly impressed with the illustrations and the parts information and had the opportunity to put the parts information to use during our successful Mars Pathfinder Mission. A disk drive on a Sun SPARCstation 10 Workstation® failed and an exact replacement drive from our inventory was not available, however, the On-Line! Detective listed a substitute that we had in stock enabling us to restore the system to operation in a minimal time."

Harry Beasor - OAO Corporation
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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"I have been to many Sun hardware classes, and also subscribe to the Sun FE Handbooks®, but your product stops me from searching from manual to manual for answers."

Mike Quick - ABB Process Analytics Inc.
Network Administrator

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"The On-Line! Detective brings competence to any person working with Sun hardware. It lets you know which parts are compatible with which machines and allows you to reference X-Options or part numbers. With up to date pictures and diagrams even a novice can operate like a pro. Everything is easy to locate in the Detective which is why I recommend it to anyone that works with Sun."

Armando Perez - Elarasys

"We've been using the On-Line! Detective product here for about four months now and have found it to be an extremely useful tool in the Sun Solaris space. I have two fairly junior system administrators who use it both on the job and as an offline training tool. The GUI is nicely laid out and easy to navigate. The parts list is indispensable. I was even able to find an obsolete part number that our Sun rep. was unable to come up with. The Detective is loaded with useful information, easy to deploy and use and inexpensive. A rare combination in this business. I would highly recommend it."

Michael L. Reed - Harvard University
Manager, Technical Services

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"You cannot be an effective Reseller of Sun equipment and not use this tool."

Mark Hekimian - The CIT Group

"I would like to let you know how much we have been using the On-Line! Detective for Sun. As a help desk, having quick access to information is a necessity. We have all found that the organization of the databases has made finding that information much easier than referring to books. The setup is straight forward so updates are easy to install. Using the hypertext makes finding reference material fast."

Darragh Nagle - Grumman Systems

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"This is a product that I purchased for all the GD techs that support Marine Corps Systems and the feedback I have received from the techs is that this product is the best thing they have seen since ice tea.

For Field Service Technicians, On-Line! Detective provides the means of accessing critical information in seconds and resolving hardware problems in minutes. This diagnostic support tool allows techs to pinpoint problems before opening the chassis.

For System Administrator's the On-line! Detective for Sun provides critical information concerning the hardware and operating system specifically designed for system administrators. The Detective offers a Solaris mode that offers solutions for system crashes, Solaris troubleshooting, components configuration, disk array and raid device set ups, upgrade an OS and much more. The Detective gives diagnostic support to determine hardware, Solaris, or network problems."

Vern Hughes - General Dynamics
Deputy Program Manager

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