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ROI - System Administration

There are 4 primary areas that the On-Line! Detective for Sun can provide a tangible, calculated return on investment (ROI).

1. Close Calls Faster & Sooner in the Call Cycle

2. Reduce Costs and Begin Self-Maintenance

3. Reduce Classroom Training Budget

4. Improve Customer and Employee Satisfaction


Close Calls Faster & Sooner in the Call Cycle

The On-Line! Detective can revolutionize your organization by significantly increasing customer satisfaction, saving time and resources, and empowering your team to work more efficiently. The Detective enables anyone supporting a Sun environment – regardless of skill level – to efficiently troubleshoot, diagnose and ultimately repair a Sun system.

System Administrators have been using the Detective for more than 10 years to aid them in mastery over their Sun environment. Administrators claim that the Detective’s structured troubleshooting and vast knowledge base reduces their need to escalate a support call by as much as 20%. In the April 205 SoftTech survey – Administrators claim the Detective saves them 15 minutes per support call!

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Reduce Costs and Begin Self-Maintenance

More than 1,400 Field Technicians in 26 countries use the Detective. System Administrators now have access to the “secret weapon” used by maintenance companies. In addition to information on Solaris, Capacity Planning, Panic, Patches and Administration, the Detective has unique troubleshooting modules for each system. The Detective also provides component removal and replacement procedures in easy-to-follow, step-by-step procedures.

The Detective is used in more than 300 data centers by System Administrators that have been able to reduce or even eliminate various levels of maintenance. It is very common for users to lower their overall support costs by 50-75% - especially when switching from maintenance provided by Sun to a qualified third-party Field Service Organization.

Most System Administrators will be able to justify an investment in the Detective with a single months savings in maintenance expenses.

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Reduce Classroom Training Budget

It is readily understood that classroom training can be very powerful - and expensive. When a System Administrator attends classroom training the associated costs can often match the tuition. Expenses may include airfare, hotel, meals, car rental and airport parking. The not-so-obvious costs include the overtime that may be incurred to cover shifts or calls while the Administrator is absent.

The Detective is currently utilized for training all over the world as the curriculum for classroom training. The Detective not only covers Solaris 2.6, 7, & 8 but also has a self-paced Certification module for Solaris 9. Training documentation does not stop with Solaris but includes all related technologies in a Sun environment: SCSI, Fibre, Boot Prom, Lights-out-management, Sun Fire Administration, E10K Administration, Enterprise Administration and much more!

The Detective also covers ALL workstations and servers Sun has developed since 1990! For these older systems, on-site training is just not an option and training materials are no longer readily available. The Detective has structured training for more than 60 Sun systems - all of them are available off-line and portable. The Detective contains has more than 20 weeks of classroom training material and it is continually updated to remain current.

When an employee departs for another company - your training investment leaves as well. The Detective is an asset that remains with the company for use by future employees because the Licenses are transferable!

The cost of the Detective is returned if the Technician forgoes a single training class.

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Improve Customer and Employee Satisfaction

One of the most visible, measurable returns the Detective can provide is a lower MTTR (mean time to repair). Administrators that utilize the Detective on a laptop are able to close calls faster and as a result, close more of them. From the customer's perspective that means less system downtime and more system uptime and availability.

When employees have the right tools to do their job they are more satisfied and perform at a higher level than those that are frustrated by a lack of training, resources, parts or tools. The Detective is a proven tool that 96% of System Administrators would recommend to others. 94% claim the Detective makes them “better…more effective”.

The On-Line! Detective for Sun is a tool that can transcend a person with "average" technical skills to one with "expert-like" stature in a fraction of the time. Administrators will hold, in the Detective, feedback from thousands of users, each with hundreds or thousands of actual calls - these 'best practices' and organized and structured in a manner that is easy to use and understand. With knowledge and understanding comes confidence and confidence in an Administrator is what keeps Administrators around for a long time.

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