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ROI - Computer Dealers

Computer dealers (for New and Used Equipment) are concerned with reliable configurations and hassle-free installations. Out-of-the-box failures are expensive to deal with, in terms of financial cost and lost credibility. The Detective provides dealers the information they need to quickly and accurately configure, install and test any Sun workstation, server, or component.

There are 4 primary areas that the On-Line! Detective for Sun can provide a tangible, calculated return on investment (ROI).

1. Faster and more accurate configuration

2. Fewer ‘Out-of-Box’ Failures

3. Sales Staff Up to Speed Faster and More ‘Experienced’ Overnight

4. Increase Revenues with a New and Superior Service Offer

Faster and More Accurate Configuration

The Detective is a portable knowledge base used by hundreds of Sun computer dealers. These include VARS, integrators and dealers of used Sun gear. The Detective provides detailed Configuration Guides for every Sun workstation and Server – both new and old. These guides have hyperlinks to specific configuration rules, guidelines, and component compatibility notes, as well as cross-references for “7-Digit” part numbers, “X-Options”, third-party part options, and OEM part numbers. Each option is a ‘click’ away. Electronic components have detailed hardware notes, OS notes, system compatibility notes, drawings and other related information.

What would an improperly configured quote or configured system cost you, in terms of, lost profits, lost customer or damaged reputation? Many Detective customers have said that they could not deal in Sun equipment without the On-Line! Detective for Sun.

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Fewer ‘Out-of-Box’ Failures

The Detective will enable your technical staff to more effectively configure, build and test a component or machine before deliver to the customer. Step-by-step testing procedures, such as: SunDiags, SunVTS, POST, Extended POST Diagnostics and more, are covered in great detail, ensuring a successful installation at your customer’s location.

If a failure does occur don’t be so quick to have your customer ship the product back. The Detective’s step-by-step troubleshooting module will enable you to quickly determine a problems root cause and provide you with step-by-step instructions for problem resolution. More than likely, with instructions provided by the Detective, the End-User could act as your “smart hands” and repair the problems, mitigating the delay and expense of returning the system or hiring an on-site solution.

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Sales Staff Up to Speed Faster and More ‘Experienced’ Overnight

The Detective has an “orientation” module for EVERY Sun workstation and server. These modules sequentially present all configuration rules and guidelines for each Sun system in easy to understand language with photos and illustrations. Any user can quickly ‘see’ the machine and all of its configuration rules and guidelines. Users will immediately gain “years” of experience in just a few minutes.

Users of the Detective are more knowledgeable on all aspects of the Sun computing environment. In an April 2005 survey of the Detective – 89% of Users claim it is an effective training tool. 98% said they would recommend it to others! The Detective could be the differentiator your customers are looking for.

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Increase Revenues with a New and Superior Service Offer

Many computer dealers realize that demands from their customers have changed dramatically over the past five years. The “hardware only” model is shifting as many end-users are growing more sophisticated and margins on hardware continue to erode. Savvy dealers understand that supplying hardware as a service strategy makes more sense now than ever. Dealers are now selling the Detective, or providing access to the Detective as part of their innovative service offering. Empowering End-User to perform some level of self-maintenance will increase the demand for components, lower overall equipment cost and provide you with a ‘captive’ customer.

End-Users value the Detective because it helps make them more productive and efficient, while affording them a better understanding of their overall Sun computing environment. Consider the value of a single new customer, and let the Detective help you differentiate your ‘hardware’ offering from ‘commodity dealers’.

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