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On-Line! Detective®

The Detective is the result of diligent research into all sources of Sun information, both published and unpublished as well as input from thousands of technical users. This information is organized into a logical and structured framework to provide fast access to hardware and Solaris related issues, such as, Troubleshooting, FRU Removal and Replacement Procedures, Part Number Cross-References, Configuration Rules & Guidelines and all aspects of System Administration.

The Detective Saves Time

The standardized approaches within the On-Line! Detective for Sun (The Detective) provide users with documented 'best practices' for troubleshooting and resolving most Sun hardware and Solaris related issues. These unique diagnostic routines have the ability to pinpoint a problems root-cause and offer sequential steps for resolution. Both basic and advanced procedures are covered within the Detective including: low level diagnostics, the OpenBoot Prom, Panic, System and OS Configuration, Patches, advanced diagnostic routines and other practices for more effective administration, maintenance, and support of Sun systems.

The Detective enables you to have more proficiency

The design of the On-Line! Detective accommodates everything System Administrators will be faced with: Lights Out Management, Sun Fire Administration, E10K Administration, system tuning, even a listing of all Unix Commands (Man Pages) including switches and examples. All Solaris versions are revealed in great detail with sequential installation instructions and screen captures with "coaching" from experts.

Keeping Sun Information Current

The Detective is shipped on CD-ROM for deployment on Solaris or Windows operating systems. New releases of the Detective are issued annually, and frequent, interim updates are available to customers through SoftTech's secure FTP website. Every Detective user is required to obtain a Software License. Certain organizations are eligible for Site Licenses.

Please take a closer look at the Detective:

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