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eKnowledge! Newsletter

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Our monthly newsletter is an interactive publication for those that support, administrate, train, maintain or sell to the Sun Microsystems community. Inside you'll find the latest updates and features of the On-Line! Detective, as well as the latest innovations regarding Sun hardware, software and services.

Noted Solaris author and instructor Bill Calkins contributes featured articles in his 'Spotlight on Solaris" column. Bill specializes in the implementation and administration of Open Systems and has written several books on Solaris. He consults more than 200 companies - including Sun - and has contributed extensively to Sun's Solaris Certification program.

Sun hardware guru Allen Hoskins gives tips and insights for effective system diagnostics, troubleshooting and configurations in his article, "Ask Al." Allen is the creator of the On-Line! Detective for Sun, and one of SoftTech's founders. He's renowned for his brilliant skills in advanced troubleshooting, as well as his advanced "train-the-trainer" program for all Sun related technologies.

eKnowledge! also features a "What's New?" section, highlighting the weekly changes made to the On-Line! Detective. A "Tutorial Section," provides automated training demos and tips highlighting many of new enhancements. Our ultimate goal is to save you time and money while increasing system uptime and availability. The short, informative sections will expedite your ability to troubleshoot, configure, administrate, and repair Sun environments quickly and safely.

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