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Key Users - System Administrators

The On-Line! Detective for Sun is an essential tool for any System Administrator supporting a Sun environment. Administrators using the Detective claim it significantly reduces system downtime by empowering them to act more effectively before remote hardware support arrives or call escalation becomes necessary.

Administrators utilizing the Detective are able to decrease system downtime, increase customer satisfaction, reduce support costs and ultimately increase profits. Many System Administrators claim that they have successfully decreased or even eliminated their level of hardware support, saving thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars annually while delivering superior support.

96% of System Administrators utilizing the Detective claim they would recommend it to others!

  • The Detective Saves Time
  • Keep Your Skills Current
  • The Detective Provides Superior Troubleshooting
  • Sun Parts Module (Components)
  • System Specific Troubleshooting
  • The Detective Saves Time

    The Detective continually evolves with Sun’s changing environment. The Detective includes information on all versions of Solaris: 2.6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. The Solaris information is structured so it is readily accessible by System Administrators for each system they encounter. For instance, a Sun Fire Administration module accompanies all Sun Fire systems; those systems that utilize ‘lights-out-management’ have their own administration module as well. All systems, including the E10K, have their own Administration Module – which will save Administrators hours of searching.

    Sun Fire Admin
    Solaris LOM Table
    Command Breakdown and Detail
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    The documented processes in the Detective provide the fastest, most accurate methods to administrate, troubleshoot, and repair Suns available.

    It is ultimately the System Administrators that are responsible for system uptime, availability, and performance. Requirements do not stop at hardware but include connectivity, operating system knowledge, networking and layers of protocols associated with anything remotely connected to the network. The Detective is a structured knowledge base covering ALL aspects of a Sun environment: all workstations, servers, arrays, operating system releases, Boot Prom and more – everything an Administrator would require. The Detective is web-based, and can also be utilized in a portable version - on a laptop.

    System Administration Commands
    System Landing Page
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    The Detective puts all information, about every system, a mouse click away. All system menus have the same structure therefore each system an Administrator encounters begins to look “familiar” and familiarity breeds confidence.

    Every system has its own unique ‘Overview’ section in the Detective, as well. This Overview can be used by the Administrator as quick reference for configurations or as for re-orientation before placing a service call. It can also be used for self-paced training. SoftTech Solutions utilizes this very documentation for all of its’ classroom training. All Sun Workstations and Servers have this self-paced training module – it will absolutely reduce or most likely, eliminate your need for expensive and time-consuming, classroom training. Furthermore, it has been said that the Detective provides 100% recall – something no other courses can offer.

    M5000 System Information
    Major Component View
    CPU Board Detail
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    Keep Your Skills Current

    Today’s Administrators are under constant pressure to keep pace with the changes in technology but are rarely given the time or budget to get formal training. The On-Line! Detective is utilized in numerous locations to provide System Administration training. There are thousands of pages covering all aspects of administration and they are presented in a manner to facilitate user understanding. Information is organized sequentially with hyperlinks to more detailed information, such as a glossary of definitions, command syntax, switch and option definitions, screen captures with ‘coaching’ and much more. All information covered in classroom courses can be found in the Detective. So, if you need the skills and don’t have the time or budget – don’t worry – it’s in here!

    Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM)
    Device Path Breakdown
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    The Detective contains detailed installation information for all releases of Solaris. For each release there are screen captures with ‘coaching’ from the professionals and pre-installation forms. Installation methods include; Interactive, Jumpstart and the Maintenance Update. The Detective has all the information necessary to prepare you to sit for Sun's competency certification exams in Solaris 9 and Solaris 10! These self-paced Certification Modules are broken down into specific modules for fast and easy comprehension. For the novices, there are five sections focusing just on Solaris fundamentals.

    Solaris Certification
    Solaris Exam
    Solaris Installation
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    The Detective Provides Superior Troubleshooting

    The Detective has structured troubleshooting to help you determine a problems origin and provide step-by-step instructions for a complete recovery or remedial measures to restore functionality until the appropriate service personnel arrive. The Detective has documented ‘best practices’ to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair any Sun system – including instructions to remove and replace every component in every system.

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    Sun Parts Module (Components)

    The Sun Parts Module (Tab) provides users with the means to query the database of parts in numerous ways. The parts can be located by Type, such as: Ethernet, Graphics Card, Disk Drive, or by their “7-digit” or “X-Option” part number. These results will provide hyperlinks offering more granular detail. The Detective also provides a sizeable listing of third-party parts, including disk drives, memory, cables, as well as Ross CPUs for the older SPARC systems.

    Parts Navigation & Search
    Master Part List - Memory
    Memory DIMM Detail
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    System Specific Troubleshooting
    One approach to troubleshooting is to begin with the system in question. This section provides customized, system-specific troubleshooting options and techniques for each system’s unique capabilities.

    • OBP
    • Database of problems and resolutions
    • Jumper Settings
    • Keyboard & LED Interpretations
    • Much more

    System Specific Troubleshooting Menu
    NVRAM Overview
    VTS Main Menu
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    Sun Troubleshooting Routines
    Users with a variety of skills have utilized the Detective and have also acquired preferences for troubleshooting. The different methods for beginning the users’ troubleshooting task is provided inside this section.

    • Open Boot Diagnostics / Forth Toolkit
    • Blank Screen
    • Lights Out Management (LOM)
    • Sun Fire Troubleshooting Methods
    • Enterprise Troubleshooting Methods
    • Much more

    Laptop as a Dumb-Terminal
    Removing a Board from Poweron
    USB Keyboard & Mouse
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