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Key Users - Computer Dealers

Computer Dealers rely on the Detective’s extensive cross-referencing features including all Sun part numbers, third-party part numbers and “X-Options” cross-referenced with “7-Digit” numbers. The Detective provides you with component-level detail including: configuration notes and guidelines, system and part incompatibilities, related parts, drawings of each component and much more.

The Detective also provides installation, testing and troubleshooting instructions for every component in every Sun workstation and server.

  • The Efficiency of the Detective
  • Sun Workstations & Servers
  • Photographs
  • Sun System Configuration Rules and Guidelines
  • Sun FRU (Component) Removal & Replacement Procedures
  • Sun Part Number Lookup & Cross-Reference
  • Sun Parts Module (Components)
  • The Efficiency of the Detective

    Novices and experts alike agree on the effectiveness of the Detective. The Detective is structured and organized in a manner that provides users with varying levels of skill, different methods to troubleshoot, validate assessments or search an enormous database of tech tips from actual field situations. After a few minutes of orientation, even the most novice technicians will feel comfortable in their ability to take Sun calls. Users of the Detective agree - it is an awesome tool to cross train those with skills that support platforms as those made by HP, IBM or even general PC repair.

    System Troubleshooting
    Device Path Breakdown
    Hard Disk Drive FRU
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    The Detective also contains thousands of ‘tech tips’ from actual call situations. These ‘tips’ can be searched using the Detective’s powerful search engine. They also show up as “cautions” and “alerts” to reinforce safe practices.

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    Sun Workstations & Servers

    The system-level menu structures are similar for each system. This makes navigation very intuitive and easy to learn. Each new system the user encounters suddenly becomes less intimidating because the structure and display of the information is consistent. Every system menu has three distinct areas, each of which afford the user a means to navigate to more detailed information. Regular FTP updates ensure that the latest system information is always available.

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    There are multiple photos and drawings of each system, these include: top, rear, front, open, exploded, and a left or right ‘open chassis’ view. These photos and drawings have ‘hot spots’ that provide pop-up menus with hyperlinks to more granular information. Information includes part numbers and their descriptions, component removal and replacement procedures, configuration rules & guidelines, troubleshooting and much more. All related information is just a click away and will save you a lot of valuable time.

    M5000 System Landing Page
    Major Components View
    Component ID
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    Service personnel can effectively support unfamiliar systems because of the Detective’s structured design. For many users, the Detective eliminates the need for specific system training. A user can solve problems more effectively with the Detective at their fingertips.

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    Sun System Configuration Rules and Guidelines

    Each system in the Detective has complete coverage of every component’s rules and guidelines within that system. A comprehensive table shows all of the rules, guidelines, system specifications, part numbers and links to more detailed configuration considerations.

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    Sun FRU (Component) Removal & Replacement Procedures

    Every component that can be replaced in the field has detailed, step-by-step procedures for its safe removal and replacement. These steps include links to photographs depicting proper location and handling techniques. The documentation includes notes, cautions and warnings, relevant to safe removal and installation techniques, such as electrostatic discharge. These documented procedures are exceptional resources for QS, ISO and FDA documentation requirements.

    The Detective provides step-by-step procedures for fast and safe removal and replacement of every component for each Sun workstation and server. Notes offer users suggestions to minimize risk and provide ‘tips’ from experienced professionals to save time and ensure safety.

    Hard Disk Drive FRU
    Step by Step Instructions
    Testing Compontents
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    Sun Part Number Lookup & Cross-Reference

    Every system has a complete listing of parts that are compatible for internal use. This part list includes descriptions, “7-digit” and “X-Option” part numbers. Furthermore, these two part types are cross-referenced to each other. Major components also have hyperlinks which transfer the user to more detailed information including; part type, system compatibility, configuration notes, compatibility notes, OEM part number, detailed drawing, relevant jumper settings, scan rates & frequencies, and much more.

    M5000 Memory Options
    Part Detail
    CPU Board Detail
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    Sun Parts Module (Components)

    The Sun Parts Module (Tab) provides users with the means to query the database of parts in numerous ways. The parts can be located by Type, such as: Ethernet, Graphics Card, Disk Drive, or by their “7-digit” or “X-Option” part number. These results will provide hyperlinks offering more granular detail. The Detective also provides a sizeable listing of third-party parts, including disk drives, memory, cables, as well as Ross CPUs for the older SPARC systems.

    Parts Navigation & Search
    Master Parts List - Memory DIMMs
    Memory DIMM Detail
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