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  Analyst Reviews

"SoftTech Solutions is the first software technology to achieve a very impressive way for system administrators to reduce system failure and continue to keep their IT staff trained without additional cost. It’s a complete package

Michael Howard - Infonetics Research
Principal Analyst

"Corporate IT departments are looking for ways to keep up with the mountains of maintenance and upgrades of systems. The constant data traveling over their networks allows zero downtime. Going forward, technologies and products must enable networks to handle growing traffic volumes most economically and with little impact on ongoing services. SoftTech Solutions On-Line! Detective will be key for system uptime and upgrades."

Joseph Baylock - Gartner Group
Group Vice President

It typically takes several hours to find a part for a system and order it for repair or upgrade. On-Line! Detective has reduced this by a factor of about six. SoftTech Solutions developed a tool that is highly reliable in knowledge of Sun system hardware, the user interface was a joy to operate, and installation was a breeze.”

Barry Nance - Network World Magazine

System User Independence is a positive advantage for SoftTech Solution combining resources, knowledge, functionality, and a sourcing avenue that will aid in maintenance and integration with existing legacy Sun hardware saving organizations both time and valuable resources."

Michael Cooney - Network World Magazine

SoftTech Solutions knowledge and industry experience make them a natural choice for any self maintainer or service organization of Sun Hardware and Software. The new addition of On-Line! Configurator will add breakthrough for field Resources in need of parts. Their pioneering work has helped establish an open market for software components worldwide."

Burke Oppenheimer - Gartner Group

"SoftTech Solutions is experiencing rapid adoption with the On-Line! Detective in the software market place and the new addition of On-Line! Detective includes eBusiness purchasing through a module for customers to source products required in the field. This answers many questions and addresses significant advantages to corporations looking to build flexible, maintainable, and manageable systems that can withstand changing business needs."

Thomas Topolinski - Gartner Group

"The On-Line! Detective is an excellent addition to any IT Department or Service organization. It shows that the software component marketplace has advanced beyond the realm of Graphical User Interfaces and Widgets. It showcases (the large number of) functionality of software modules that exist to support, repair, and train in remote or internal network environments. Customers businesses depend on the uptime of their network."

Martin Atherton - Datamonitor