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Sleuth Literature

Detective® Demo Videos
Sit Back, Watch and Listen as we demonstrate the On-Line! Detective - a knowledge base designed to assist those supporting a Sun environment.
This section is an introduction to the Detective. See how Sun System information can be quickly found within three clicks of a mouse! Highlights include Pop-Up Menu Navigation, Detailed Photos and Tables, Major Component Identification, Search Engine, Exploded View Diagrams, and more.
Play Part1 using Windows MediaPlayer | Play Part1 using RealPlayer
This section walks you through the Workstation Main Menu. Highlights includes Alphabetical Index, Architecture, Part Numbers, Configuration, and more.
Play Part2 using Windows MediaPlayer | Play Part2 using RealPlayer
The hardware troubleshooting section provides troubleshooting strategies and diagnostic tests that apply to both the total Sun environment and individual Sun systems. Highlights include Troubleshooting Flowcharts, POST, Keyboard Commands, NVRAM, FRU, LED's, Memory, Training, and more.
Play Part3 using Windows MediaPlayer | Play Part3 using RealPlayer
This section demonstrates common Tools, Tips and Technologies in the Detective. Highlights include the Glossary, CPU Peripherals, OpenBootPROM, Part Numbers, SCSI Contents, System Logs, Memory, Tech Tips, and more
Play Part4 using Windows MediaPlayer | Play Part4 using RealPlayer
This section steps thought the Solaris module of the Detective. It is an incredible resource for system administrators or those interacting with the operating system. Highlights include Admin Tool, Commands, Panics, Solaris Installation and more.
Play Part5 using Windows MediaPlayer | Play Part5 using RealPlayer
This section walks you through the Server Main Menu. Highlights include Configuration, Server Troubleshooting, Extended POST diagnostics, and more.
Play Part6 using Windows MediaPlayer | Play Part6 using RealPlayer
This overview is structured for Brokers & Resellers. Learn how to use the Detective to Find All Sun 7-Digit Part Numbers and X-Options, Configure Systems Quickly and Accurately, Quote Faster, Leverage Inventory, Implement Value-Add Services , and Easily Troubleshoot Systems and Components.
Play Broker Overview using Windows MediaPlayer | Play Broker Overview using RealPlayer

**The demo is broken up into 6 parts. We suggest viewing them in order but they can be viewed individually to suite your field of interest. The Broker Overview is one part. The Detective is continually updated so the latest Sun Systems & Storage, Solaris 8, and Related Technologies may appear absent in the Detective due to the creation date of the videos.

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Videos are in the RealPlayer8 and MediaPlayer7.1 format . After downloading and Installing a player, choose a video on the left.