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Solaris Essentials
(UNIX SVR 4 Fundamentals)

Length: 3 Days

Prerequisite: Basic Computer Skills

Recommendation Statement:
Student should be able to use a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse. Student needs to be able to input commands and control characters from a keyboard.

Course Description:
This course teaches basic and advanced topics in UNIX. The operating system will be Solaris 9 (SunOS 5.9) - Sun's implementation of SystemV release 4. The course is taught on a Sun UltraSparc workstation.

Note: This course is also available for Solaris 8, 7, and Solaris 2.6.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
- Log in and log out of Solaris
- Use the Common Desktop Environment tools (CDE) and GNome window system
- Compose command - line strings to perform functions
- Navigate the directory tree
- Manipulate text files
- Create files and directories
- Back up and restore user file an directories
- Change permissions of files and directories
- Use the vi text editor
- Identify and modify initialization files
- Employ shell features to streamline command execution
- Use basic network commands
- Use commands to search directories and files
- List active user processes and selectively kill user processes

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