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Solaris 10 System Administration Fast Track Training Course


Training Cost

Length: 5 Days (12 hrs per day)

Prerequisite: Solaris Fundamentals Course

Recommendation Statement:
Have a minimum of six months UNIX system administration experience, completed a UNIX Fundamentals course, and a strong desire to learn Solaris OS administration in an accelerated, intense environment.
This course is also recommended for system administrators migrating from HP’s HP-UX or IBM’s AIX .

Course Description: 
This course teaches intermediate and advanced topics in Solaris system administration by combining both the Solaris 10 Intermediate and Advanced System Administration courses. The operating system will be Solaris 10 (SunOS 5.10)- Sun's implementation of SystemV release4. The course is taught on a Sun Ultra system.

   This course meets all of the objectives for the Certified Solaris 10 System Administrator Examination – Part 1 & 2 .

         Note: This course is also available for Solaris 9

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
- Manage file systems
- Install software
- Perform system boot procedures
- Perform user and security administration
- Manage network printers and system processes
- Perform system backups and restores
- Manage, list, and format local disk devices
- Mount and unmount different types of file systems
- Perform package and patch administration
- Use boot programmable read-only memory (PROM) commands and change nonvolatile random access memory (NVRAM) parameters
- Describe network basics
- Describe remote administration with the Solaris Management Console software
- Manage virtual file systems and core dumps
- Manage storage volumes
- Control access and configure system messaging
- Configure role-based access control (RBAC)
- Set up name services
- Perform advanced installation procedures
- Configure the custom JumpStart procedure
- Perform a Flash installation