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Sun Systems Fault Analysis Workshop
Detailed Outline 

Introducing the Fault Analysis and Diagnosis Methodology
· Describe the Fault Analysis methodology
· Describe the Diagnosis methodology
· Identify basic layers in Sun systems
· Identify the error types that occur in Sun systems

Introducing OBP Components, Features, and Diagnostics
· Describe the OBP components
· Modify the OBP components and run diagnostics
· Enabling and Monitoring POST Diagnostics
· Describe the concept of power-on self-test (POST) diagnostics
· Identify ways to view extended diagnostics during POST 

Introducing the OBP Device Tree and BOOT Sequence
· Describe the OBP device tree
· Describe the boot sequences

Performing Solaris OE Diagnostics
· Use the device management commands
· Use the disk and file system management commands
· Use the software package management commands
· Use the file-checking commands
· Use the central processing unit (CPU) and memory management commands
· Use the network management commands
· Use the general-purpose commands
· Use the program execution management commands 

Diagnosing Faults Using Online Tools
· Use online man pages
· Diagnose problems by using the SunSolve Online service
· Use the Sun Explorer Data Collector utility
· Use the Web site 

Introducing Types of System Failures
· Describe the causes of system panics and dumps
· Describe the process of system crash dump generation
· Describe watchdog resets 

Analyzing Core Dumps Using the mdb Utility
· Describe the mdb utility
· Use the mdb utility